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Daily Walks and Pet Sitting since 2018

Angela has been taking care of our dog Murphy on a daily basis for the last 7 months and we could not be more pleased with the experience. Angela and her daughters have become like a second family to Murphy. She goes above and beyond for our pets - offering advice, helping with training, and once even evacuating them from our house upon the advice of the police... long story - but Angela did not hesitate to help! Angela is prompt and consistent with communication - providing updates and photos of Murphy daily. She has even won over the hearts of our two cats, who are very selective with who they trust. We cannot thank Angela enough for providing such good service to our family.

Felix & Gabby

Daily Walks and Pet sitting since 2015

“Our two crazy Weimaraners absolutely adore Angela.  When she arrives, they lose their minds for about five minutes—barking, tail-wagging, jumping, running—expressions of pure joy!  She is always on time and keeps to a routine that they absolutely love.  After the calm descends, they go for a run in the back yard (fenced 3 acres), and then come in for lunch and water.  Afterward they get a treat in exchange for a few tricks.  All that excitement then leads to a long afternoon nap.  It’s a great way to break up their day!”  -Karen 


Daily Walks and Pet sitting since 2015

"Angela has been a calming, trustworthy and genuinely caring dogwalker/sitter for our family ever since she first began walking Copper in 2015.  She takes excellent care of him both on daily walks and when we have been out of town.  She is great at keeping in touch via text messaging, written notes and/or phone calls.  As Copper has aged and had some significant health issues, Angela has been wonderful in meeting his needs and accommodating his changing abilities.  We're very happy to have found her." -Alison 


Daily Walks and Pet sitting since 2015

"I highly recommend Tails Luv Trails! Angela has taken great care of my sweet and skittish poodle-terrier rescue dog. Skylar takes a while to warm up new people, but she got used to Angela right away and enjoys the daily walks and petsitting Angela has provided. In addition to her fantastic care of Skylar, Angela always texts us updates and photos of Skylar when we are away, which we love to see. Furthermore, Angela is very organized, reliable and professional. Your pet will be in good hands with Angela. Thanks!" - Lauren


Pet sitting since 2016

"Angela Bell has been a literal lifesaver to me and my cat Muangti. For over 5 months she cared for my cat who was very ill and diagnosed with diabetes. During this time, I, myself, was ill and unable to care for Mu. Not only did she assume the total caregiving responsibilities, beyond the daily care and nurturing, she was able to reverse his diabetes by changing his dietary habits and closely monitoring his response (through blood sugar testing and observation) to eating and moods. She saved my cat’s life!

Upon getting Mu back into my care, she not only provided care advice, she went the extra mile of recommending food choices, adjustments to Muangti’s behavior, and a list of medical records and health recommendations.

Moreover, she really paid close attention and care for Muangti throughout the entire care cycle. Angela constantly stayed in contact with me by email with continuous updates on Muangti’s moods, progress and adjustment to her environment with very informative and descriptions of Muangti’s dispositions.

By far, she is the most attentive pet-sitter I've ever had; I have continued to use Angela for Muangi’s caregiving. If you want personalized love and care for you family pets, and you want peace of mind knowing that you best friend is safe and happy, I highly recommend her as you first and only choice.
You will be ecstatic that you did!" -Martye


Pet sitting since 2016

"Angela was a great pet sitter to our dog Murphy.  She would regularly send us pics and how the visit went.  Angela went beyond her duty and stayed with our dog while he was so scared from fireworks for Fourth of July." -Rochelle

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